[Stackless-dev] ODB for Python - possible with stackless

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Fri Mar 19 19:33:34 CET 2004

Yes, you could even unpickle it on another architecture entirely.  Some 
pickles are not resumable (if you pickle something that requires state 
from an interrupted written-in-C function), but the object graph would 
be perfectly good for this kind of debugging.

On Mar 19, 2004, at 1:17 PM, seanj wrote:

> Will I also be able to pickle running code and unpickle it on another 
> machine
> to resume execution?
> If this is mentioned somewhere please point me to it, I don't follow 
> this list
> very actively.
> On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, Bob Ippolito wrote:
>> The pickling/marshalling-of-anything combined with autoscheduling or
>> appropriately placed schedule() calls would allow us to develop
>> something like this for Python:
>> http://www.lambdacs.com/debugger/debugger.html

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