[Stackless-sprint] first fprint summary version is online

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Mon Mar 15 20:22:47 CET 2004

Tomek Meka:

> http://www.stackless.com/Members/lutz/SDocument.2004-03-15.0586225618/ 
> sdocument_view
> I've forgotten yesterday to change to default state for folders - and  
> thus
> were the images in lutz's folder not readable for all. I've changed  
> it, it
> now
> I do not experience any problems with viewing the page, also as an  
> anonymous
> user.

I still only see a dumb "excuse page" for the link above. Also,
I have no account on the new Zope incarnation and my Wiki pages
there are broken, giving me lots of Site Errors. Given all that
I do not really know how to appreciate the move to Plone, al-
though it might not be Plone's fault at all...


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