[Stackless] Possible use of continuations ?

Rodrigo Senra rodsenra at correionet.com.br
Sat Nov 11 03:17:41 CET 2000

[Christian Tismer]
> Does anybody know of a useful example where continuations
> are really needed?

How about a "single-pass" exaustive branch testing.

This might be just a crazy idea, but I guess continuations could become
a powerful testing tool to explore exaustively the branches of a program
(there is  specific terminology for this but it eludes me at the

Another possible use could be to provide 'code interception' facilities
in a extended reflective environment. In a meta-object protocol
where objects could be attatched to monitoring meta-objects (not
the execution path from invoker to invoked must detour to the
(which might decide to change the execution path all together or

Do these thoughts make any sense to you all?

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