The Odyssey ends (apparently)...

Mike Fletcher mfletch at
Thu Oct 12 06:27:51 CEST 2000

Yay!  I found something that makes sense as the error source and seems to
eliminate all the crashes experimentally.  For those of you on the edge of
your seats, the bug, the error that I've been trying to fix for... 3? 4?
weeks?, the thing that's made me lose aeons of sleep, the evil that has
mucked up months of work and tarnished the good name of Python during a
critical in-house technology demo was:

	A missing comma.

Particularly, a missing comma in a format string for the Metakit database.
If I'm correct, Metakit ignored the error and wound up iterating over a
string as a list and blindly decref-ing each single-character string
(causing the weird pointing-to-whatever behaviour).

Thanks everyone for your help, and particularly Chris for his patience in
getting Stackless to compile on this machine for debugging purposes.

Enjoy yourselves,

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