[Stackless] Quick question about python in general and stackless in particular

Christian Tismer tismer at appliedbiometrics.com
Tue Oct 17 22:05:47 CEST 2000

> Travis Nixon wrote:
> Right now, I'm working on Windows, looking at possibly using python in a game
> we're just starting.

Please tell us more about that game.

> However, although a lot of the development will be done on windows, the final
> target is not, and so far everything I've seen only shows how to build the
> interpreter to a DLL, which is pretty useless since our target won't have
> dlls, and very possibly might not have access to any sort of dynamic loading.

Did you ever build Python before on a platform like, say, Linux?
You should if you are planning to deploy a decent game,
but you obviously have not, or you wouldn't have asked this question.

> What sort of changes would need to be made to bind the interpreter statically,
> compiling to a normal .lib?

None. The Unix builds of Stackless that I have seen are static.

> I'm sending this on the stackless mailing list rather than a more general one
> because if we use python at all, it will definately be a stackless version,
> because our tasking system can leave code with a very, very small stack at
> times.

That's nice to hear. But your particular problem is by no means
related to Stackless yet, but the general question of how to
do some static build with some extension module for some platform.
That is an issue for the Python Main list or python-help (where you
can find me as well :-)

Which platform are you actually planning to use?

ciao - chris

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