[Stackless] Stackless status

Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Mon Oct 9 04:10:27 CEST 2000

> Jeff Collins wrote:

> > It's been a while since working with stackless python.  What is the state
> > of the current release?  Does it still have the memory-leak problem?

> What memory-leak problem are you referring to? Stackless
> Python itself has no leak, when just used to replace
> the Standard distribution. It is said that the continuation
> module shows a leak under special circumstances with
> exception handlers, but I couldn't reproduce them yet.
> If anybody can produce such a leak under Win32, please
> let me know and send me the code.
Well, it's easy to leak by not destroying continuations, but 
you already knew that :). What I've found is that an exception 
that crosses a continuation-boundary produces a leak (at 
least, that's my best deduction). If you catch the exception 
within the continuation, all is fine; but if you let it cross back 
into the guy that called the continuation, you're stuck. Seems 
to me I discovered this by toying with generator-like patterns: 
throwing an IndexError in the continuation, so the (caller of 
the) caller would fall out of a for loop. That's with 1.1.

- Gordon

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