[Stackless] Welcome to the Stackless Python List

Christian Tismer tismer at appliedbiometrics.com
Sun Oct 8 15:18:29 CEST 2000

Dear new members,

after I started this list on Thursday evening, the list has grown
to already 45 members. This is much more than I expected in such
a short time, and I wish to thank you all for your interest
in Stackless Python.

As stated in the intro, this list will have several uses.
Most valuable is definately to form some kind of community.
This could evolve into something like the Python SIG groups,
which works together on some goal to reach. Maybe.

I'm not yet shure about the who is who of all the current
subscribers. There are probably people who are just curious
about technologies they seldom here of (welcome!), there
are others who already used Stackless or are planning to
use it and might want to learn more about it (welcome!),
for sure there are people who would like to discuss and
improve Stackless' design and future development (welcome!),
some may just be interested in the outcome like Palm ports,
microthreads and other techniques qhich are currently put
on top of continuations but might become builtins in the
future (welcome!), and there are probably also some hackers
who might be interested to dig into the innards, help me
to do a complete rewrite after a complete redesign, and
make Stackless nicer, faster and simpler (welcome!).

You all, including those whom I forgot to mention, are
very welcome, to write, ask, help, just read, whatever
you want. Please feel invited to fill this list until
the Starship's disk fills up!

Enough said (I could not resist), but there is a last
thing that I'd really like to ask for:

I want to set up some pages for the stackless.com site
where Stackless users and applications are listed.
Who of you is using Stackless Python and wouldn't mind
to be mentioned on a Web page? Who has written an application?
Would you like to show it somehow or to write an article
about it?
Then please contact me and tell me what you'd like to
publish. I'm also very open to proposals on the design
of the Stackless homepage.

Now it is time to start with discussions. For me, the most
urgent question to ask is: What do you consider the highest
priority task to be done? Upgrade to Stackless 1.2, upgrade
to Python 2.0, bugfixes, CVS access for collaborative
development, more documentation? Other proposals?

yours sincerely - chris

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