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Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Mon Oct 9 04:10:27 CEST 2000

> I want to set up some pages for the stackless.com site
> where Stackless users and applications are listed.
> Who of you is using Stackless Python and wouldn't mind
> to be mentioned on a Web page? Who has written an application?
> Would you like to show it somehow or to write an article
> about it?

As Christian already knows, I've got a bunch of stuff, 
(examples - from demos to a real FTP server; and some pre-
PEP material). Unfortunately, I'm still swamped. Fortunately, 
things should begin easing up fairly soon.

> Now it is time to start with discussions. For me, the most
> urgent question to ask is: What do you consider the highest
> priority task to be done? Upgrade to Stackless 1.2, upgrade
> to Python 2.0, bugfixes, CVS access for collaborative
> development, more documentation? Other proposals?

I have to put Python 2.0 pretty high up there - mainly because 
I'm completely addicted to Stackless, but need to support 
Installer on 2.0, too.

- Gordon
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