[Stackless] The Odyssey ends (apparently)...

Mike Fletcher mfletch at tpresence.com
Fri Oct 13 20:07:22 CEST 2000

Well, actually, I use strings as sequences all the time (but then I write
parser generators as a hobby, so there's obviously something wrong with me.
Of course, I would never do it in _C_ code), and I've only come across this
error once (though it took 4 weeks to debug that one instance).  Ah the joys
of C...

I updated the page to repair those horrid slanders that some miscreant must
have posted there.  Now all is glowing praise and blind faith ;o) .

Enjoy yourself,

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And I said and I keep saying to Guido that it is *bad* to
make strings into sequences. How often do you use this
feature, compared to how often you step into that trap?
Gaaaah, what a relief!

Can you please change the entry on your site, claiming that
Stackless is one of the most solid known modules written
for Python?  :-))
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