[Stackless] micro-threads & co-routines

Just van Rossum just at letterror.com
Tue Oct 10 20:15:28 CEST 2000

First of all: thanks Chris, for fixing The Leak and releasing an update!

A few random thoughts.

- In the coro list (at egroups) I've proposed a co-routine API
  and have presented an implementation of it. I think it's fairly
  solid (apart from some continuation compatibility issues that
  only Chris understands..). Is it an idea to include it with
  the stackless distro? (It happens to be included in the Mac
  binary, as that's simply my working copy...)

- I'm pretty sure each uthread will need its own tstate:
  tstate->dict is used in some places for "custom" thread-safety
  issues (repr() is one), but I'm not sure how this will work
  in relation to system-threads and the thread[ing] modules.
- Will and Mike and I should probably make up our minds, rename
  uthread9.py to uthread.py, and donate it to Chris to include
  it in the Stackless distro. Thoughts?
- Does it make sense to start thinking about rewriting uthreads
  in the same fashion as my coro module (ie. without continuations)?
  It has some consequences for ceval.c, and has big consequences
  for the uthread module. Or is it better to wait until we're done
  "redesigning" stackless?


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