[Stackless] Continuations in Forth

Dirk-Ulrich Heise hei at adtranzsig.de
Tue Oct 31 13:44:28 CET 2000

One more word:
I think it's unfortunate (difficult to understand)
to say that "a continuation represents the entire future
of a function",Cameron Laird describes it this
way  -- wouldn't it be much more feasible for the
typical programmers brain to say:
"A continuation contains an instruction pointer
and the values of the local variables, so that we
can continue the execution of a function".
Ok, it sound much less magical to us, but it
will sound still magical enough to non-nerds so
that we're not in the danger of being understood
by ordinary people ;-).

Dipl.Inform. Dirk-Ulrich Heise
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