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Christian Tismer tismer at appliedbiometrics.com
Sun Oct 8 18:12:33 CEST 2000

Thomas Wouters wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 08, 2000 at 04:18:29PM +0300, Christian Tismer wrote:
> > Now it is time to start with discussions. For me, the most
> > urgent question to ask is: What do you consider the highest
> > priority task to be done? Upgrade to Stackless 1.2, upgrade
> > to Python 2.0, bugfixes, CVS access for collaborative
> > development, more documentation? Other proposals?
> For me, integration with the CVS tree (or just 2.0, but I think the CVS tree
> should work... I think I'm the one who did most of the work on ceval.c
> between Python 1.6 and 2.0 (for augmented assignment, import-as, and a few
> patches that never made it into 2.0), and I don't think there are any other
> pending changes to it. Not sure how intrusive the rest of SLP is, though.)

Well, then you are very familiar with ceval.c, that's good.
If I understand you, then you would like to get the current
Stackless version ported to 2.0, just as it is? Preparing
a new version which should be merged into Python 2.1 is
probably a different, more difficult task, since I don't think
the current version should be the final word.

> If I understood how Stackless worked (what all those changes in ceval.c are
> for, for instance) I would help code it ;) As it is, I simply don't know
> what changes are for Stackless, and what changes are just the difference
> between the 1.5.2+ version SLP is based off, and the current CVS tree.

Would it make sense to use diffs back to original Python 1.5.2?
Oh well, probably it is better to just isolate what exactly
my changes are, right?
Should I prepare such a diff, assign "classes" to the changes,
and then write up a documentation that explains why these
classes of changes were made and how they work?
I believe it would also make sense to split these changes
up into those which are simply speed-ups and those which
are necessary for Stackless.
I think the speed-up part would even make it into a final
version since they simply make sense and they are easy.

Please let me know what exactly you need and I will try.

ciao - chris

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