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Just van Rossum just at letterror.com
Sun Oct 8 18:17:33 CEST 2000

At 4:53 PM +0300 08-10-2000, Christian Tismer wrote:
>What memory-leak problem are you referring to? Stackless
>Python itself has no leak, when just used to replace
>the Standard distribution. It is said that the continuation
>module shows a leak under special circumstances with
>exception handlers, but I couldn't reproduce them yet.
>If anybody can produce such a leak under Win32, please
>let me know and send me the code.

Dunno about Win32, but the following script leaks on my machine (most of
the time, but not always!):

import continuation

class LeakMonitor:
	instances = 0
	def __init__(self):
		LeakMonitor.instances = LeakMonitor.instances + 1
	def __del__(self):
		LeakMonitor.instances = LeakMonitor.instances - 1

def leaker():
	lm = LeakMonitor()
	for i in range(10000):
	print "done!"

co = leaker()

# minimal uthread scheduler
while co:
	co = continuation.timeslice(co)

print "Number of instances left (should be zero):", LeakMonitor.instances

(The stackless version I have is somewhat newer than 1.1)


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