[Stackless] micro-threads & co-routines

Mike Fletcher mfletch at tpresence.com
Wed Oct 11 18:25:53 CEST 2000

I just went through uthread9 and cleaned up some stuff (debug prints, a
hack-around for the exception bug that was causing errors on my machine).
The current version still uses time.time for timing wait(), not sure if
there are machines on which the resolution for that is horrifically
inappropriate.  Also has no support for waiting on a micro-thread across
normal os threads.  Neither is likely to be a show stopper (uncomment a line
for the first, do only sane things for the second ;o) ), so probably okay to
include what's now posted.

Oh, to confirm, the bugs I'm tracking through the dense, dark, jungle of C
still exist with 1.2, at least, one of them does, I haven't been able to
reproduce the singleton-string problem in a while (but then, I've got
another error popping up much earlier, so it could be when I kill that I'll
discover another day-eating beast lurking in the shadows).

Enjoy yourselves,

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Just van Rossum wrote:
> First of all: thanks Chris, for fixing The Leak and releasing an update!

[mike] Yay Chris!

> - Will and Mike and I should probably make up our minds, rename
>   uthread9.py to uthread.py, and donate it to Chris to include
>   it in the Stackless distro. Thoughts?

I think we should name it final for now and include it
in the distro, yes.
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