[Stackless] The Odyssey ends (apparently)...

Christian Tismer tismer at appliedbiometrics.com
Fri Oct 13 19:28:14 CEST 2000


Mike Fletcher wrote:
> Yay!  I found something that makes sense as the error source and seems to
> eliminate all the crashes experimentally.  For those of you on the edge of
> your seats, the bug, the error that I've been trying to fix for... 3? 4?
> weeks?, the thing that's made me lose aeons of sleep, the evil that has
> mucked up months of work and tarnished the good name of Python during a
> critical in-house technology demo was:
>         A missing comma.

And I said and I keep saying to Guido that it is *bad* to
make strings into sequences. How often do you use this
feature, compared to how often you step into that trap?

> Particularly, a missing comma in a format string for the Metakit database.
> If I'm correct, Metakit ignored the error and wound up iterating over a
> string as a list and blindly decref-ing each single-character string
> (causing the weird pointing-to-whatever behaviour).
> *ping*
> Thanks everyone for your help, and particularly Chris for his patience in
> getting Stackless to compile on this machine for debugging purposes.

Gaaaah, what a relief!

Can you please change the entry on your site, claiming that
Stackless is one of the most solid known modules written
for Python?  :-))

going-to-destabilize-it-by-a-major-redesign-ly y'rs - chris

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