[Stackless] interesting discussion on Scheme and continuations

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at beopen.com
Wed Oct 18 01:03:34 CEST 2000

There is an interesting discussion on continuations on the Scheme
Request for Implementation mailing list (SRFIs as something like
PEPs).  The thread index is here:

The thread seems particularly relevant given the current questions
about how and whether the stackless changes should be incorporated
into Python 2.1.

Matthias Felleisen asked the reverse question about Scheme.

>May I ask a heretical question (especially from me): 
> How many of you use call/cc and continuation objects 
> (rather than mimicing continuations with lambda's)
> in large programs? Do "we" really use it to implement 
> coroutines and backtracking and threads and whatever? 
> Is call/cc necessary for Scheme? 
>[Don't shoot. I wrote many papers on all aspects of call/cc
>but now that we're building large systems we should revisit 
>these questions. I'd love to be wrong here.]
>-- Matthias

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