[Stackless] Newbie Stackless Question

Ixokai ixokai at myseraph.org
Wed Apr 11 09:51:06 CEST 2001


    I'm working on a new project, and have decided that Stackless is
probably best for my needs, since ideally I wish to keep memory and CPU use
to a minimum. Apparently microthreads will do the memory bit; I have no idea
if its more CPU intensive or not. This is not URGENT, its just a strong

    Basically, my application is a Server which will have theoretically
dozens of potential clients connected at one time, doing various things.
Each will have its own thread, and in addition, there will be a variety --
perhaps more then there are connected clients -- of independant tasks
running concurrently. I may lump those tasks into a few seperate threads and
not have each with its own.

    Here's my question: All of the examples in the uthread homepage show the
creation of the threads all at once, then a final 'uthread.run()' to
actually do everything. Almost all of my threads will be loops, and will be
long-running. Further, I won't know how many to create when I start the

    Is there a way to add a thread in the middle of an application's run,
after we've already done a uthread.run()?

    Second question (a dumber one :))-- under deadlocks it lists a 'Thread'
class, but the example basically looks functional. All the work is done in a
function. Is there a simple example of classes used in the context of a



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