[Stackless] Stackless Python and 2.2

Jeff Senn senn at maya.com
Wed Dec 12 21:31:03 CET 2001

"Gordon McMillan" <gmcm at hypernet.com> writes:
>> What does this mean for stackless in 2.2? 
> Dunno.
>> What do generators in the 2.2 proposal/implementation mean for
>> stackless? 
> One necessary condition has been met (frame objects know how to
> "return" a value without self-destructing). There are thornier ones
> (making the stack a tree, and dealing with interpreter recursions).

But not met in a way that leads to a co-routine/uthread implementation
(much less continuations).

My impression is that the whole issue of what to do got bogged down in
the "gee-we-can't-do-it-in-Jython-and-what-about-calling-into-C-modules
-and-system-I/O?" issues.  I think some folks aren't convinced that
full continuations are necessary (me neither -- I would be happy with
a coroutine-ish uthread implementation).

>> Oh, and is there status on stackless for 2.1 yet?
> Dunno about that, either.

Not one that works. Jeff Rush did a patch awhile ago -- but it didn't
quite work.  I haven't heard from him or Chris Tismer in awhile.

2.1 is sort of a dead-end; due to all the changes ->2.2 it's probably
better to target a 2.2-stackless.  But harder also, since the previous
patches aren't going to help much...

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