[Stackless] Announcement: First prerelease of metathread package available

Bernd Rinn Bernd.Rinn at epost.de
Wed Feb 21 17:40:15 CET 2001

Announcement: package metathread v0.1pre2 (first prerelease)

I would like to inform you that a first prerelease of the package
metathread is available. It is intended to hide different
implementations of multithreading (or even multiprocessing) behind a
unified interface. A Python program that builds on metathreading can
easily switch between different threading implementations. Currently
standard Python threads, microthreadsg and multiprocessing
(incomplete) are supported.

I am interested in getting feedback and would like you to encourage to
have a look at the package and tell me about mistakes and
inaccuracies, especially (but not only) in the documentation. The
package should be portable (with the exception of the Lockserver,
which builds on POSIX locks), but tests have been performed only under
Linux and FreeBSD so far.

The package (in tar.gz format and zip format) and online documentation
can be found at:


The packages are signed with my OpenPGP-Key, which you find attached
to this mail.



Bernd Rinn
Fakultät für Physik
Universität Konstanz

Tel. 07531/88-3812, 
e-mail: Bernd.Rinn at uni-konstanz.de
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