[Stackless] Again and Re: my uthreads execute serially

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Jan 13 00:25:45 CET 2001

Wolfgang Lipp wrote:
> sorry for the somewhat cluttered appearance of the previous message. i posted the same question to python-list at python.org
> ("gatewayed bidirectionally into comp.lang.python", jesus), and Mike Fletcher <mfletch at tpresence.com> was so kind to answer in no
> time @ all. here's the answer and the posting again. -w
> ..............................
> Same here, works fine with 1.5.4 (1.5.2) version of stackless, but doesn't work for the 2.0 version.  No idea how I missed that, but
> it's definitely failing to switch contexts without an explicit switchContext.  I have no time today to track it down this weekend,
> maybe Chris can take a look? (Note, adding a switchContext does make the threads run in parallel, but that shouldn't be necessary).

I don't understand it yet, but it appears to be an error.
For some reason, I seem to manage to ignore my own interrupts.
Will have a look (and give a patch) on Sunday.

Apologies - chris

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