[Stackless] Again and Re: my uthreads execute serially

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Jan 13 01:03:51 CET 2001

Wolfgang Lipp wrote:


Ok, I know what happened:
I moved the uthrread ticker stuff at the low end of
ticker handling, in order to make the more urgent
things happen earlier -- but forgot that by this
the real ticker is already reset, andmy uthread ticker
gets no feed at all.

The patch is quite trivial: Count erla, but switch
a bit later. Will do it soon, today I'm to tired.

If somebody cares to do that - it *is* easy.
Between lines 754 and 802.

Line 757 says
			tstate->ticker = tstate->interp->checkinterval;

and that resets the tickery.
In 1.5.2,I had the uthread stuff before this line.
In 2.0, I moved it down, without thought and good testing.

Is anybody fast enough to sketch a good approach before Sunday?
I might make it :-)

good nite - chris

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