[Python-Dev] Re: [Stackless] comments on PEP 219

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Mar 15 11:18:48 CET 2001

Robin Becker wrote:
> Interestingly the Author's first name contains a couple of e's so I
> think he fails. Also the Amazon promo seems to have an over barred e on
> the cover. I guess it could have been called 'missing non-consonant' or
> some such in English.

Everybody tends to notice that... From a purly puristic point
of view he should have written a book without 'a', 'i' or 'u', 
but that would have been simply too easy given the probability 
distribution of vowels in French (or English for that matter).

As for the English cover: it's certainly not Perec's fault, but 
probably intended for the English readers who, much less likely 
to know Perec, would not immediately know what the key feature 
of this book is about. (There is no such "promotional" 'e' on 
the French cover, BTW.) Also, the author can hardly be blaimed 
for his own name, can he?

For those who care (and for sake of "completeness"): Perec 
later also wrote a text named "Les Revenentes" (Those Who Come 
Back or The Coming Back) that contains no other, but 'e' vowels! 
Some might find it an interesting exercize to translate this
title only into English... mainting the original property! ;-)

Regards (and sorry for the digression),

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