[Python-Dev] Re: [Stackless] comments on PEP 219

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Wed Mar 14 09:26:08 CET 2001

Greg Ewing wrote:
> Strictly speaking that's true, but from a practical standpoint
> I think you will *have* to address __init__ at least, because
> it is so ubiquitous and ingrained in the Python programmer's
> psyche. Asking Python programmers to give up using __init__
> methods will be greeted with about as much enthusiasm as if
> you asked them to give up using all identifiers containing
> the leter 'e'. :-)

I know of an entire book without any 'e' at all, written in
French by Georges Perec: La Disparition (1969). It's been 
received with *great* enthusiasm and it's definitely an in-
credible reading experience! And what is even more astoni-
shing: there is an English translation by Gilbert Adair:
A Void (1994) that has the same feature!


So maybe this is less of an argument than you might think. ;-)



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