[Stackless] Re: Stackless for 2.1: Progress Report

Jeff Rush jrush at taupro.com
Wed May 30 16:29:26 CEST 2001

Christian Tismer wrote:
> Jeff Rush wrote:
> >
> > The cause is some code in pyexpat.c that does a PyFrame_New,
> > passing in a *dummy* codeblock (gross!) that actually
> > points to an empty text string (instead of real bytecodes),
> > just to have a codeblock to call PyEval_CallObject() with.
> Hmm. Is this a new "feature" with Python 2.1?
> I wonder why we don't get this trouble with 2.0.
> Does your PyFrame_New differ much from my version?

Yes, it is a new feature in 2.1.  The pyexpat.c module
doesn't call PyFrame_New at all in 2.0.

My PyFrame_New is the same as yours, but I moved the
setting of f_execute = eval_code2_loop into it, so that
any third-party modules that use PyFrame_New will get
a fully setup frame structure.  Which fixed another
problem with pyexpat.c.

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