[Stackless] Stackless Python and 2.2

Alex Russell alex at netwindows.org
Thu Nov 15 13:39:19 CET 2001

Hi all,

I'm new to continuations and their direct descendants, and I've got a
question about stackless with regards to Python 2.2. Since the stackless.com
website hasn't been updated in almost half a year, I was looking about for
more information regarding continuations, generators, microthreads, etc...
in python and I ran across PEP 255 (Simple Generators). I confess that I'm
new to continuations and generators, so my questions may be naive.

The inclusion of generators implies (to my ignorant brain) that
continuations (or some mechanism that allows for treating the frame state as
an object) have been implemented. Am I wrong? How does this fit with Java's
inability to implement continuations? What does this mean for stackless in

What do generators in the 2.2 proposal/implementation mean for stackless?
Are they as efficient as generators written with continuations? Is it
possible to implement microthreads this way?

Oh, and is there status on stackless for 2.1 yet?

Thanks in advance.


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