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> Welcome! I'm in fact impressed of your interest!
> On the other hand, I'm using Stackless myself, now.
> And I find myself writing event handlers as simple,
> endless lops, now. Look here, please:
> Please, see this extremely simple event loop. This is a single
> tasklet that stays waiting for mouse events, until it gets
> blown by a SystemExit exception.
> This is quite revealing. Now I can have program state in my
> PC counter, as it was 20 years ago. The handler feels like
> a main program.

In my secret past as GUI developer, this was definitely on my
list of things to explore - using continuations/coroutines for
UI stuff.  There's a Scheme guy out there - Mathew Fuchs - who
did some work in this direction, I've been handing out pointers
to his paper for years:

"Escaping the event loop: an alternative control structure for
multi-threaded GUIs":

I think eXene (X implementation for SML/CML) is written this way.

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