[Stackless] Reworked HTTP tools with stackless

Aaron Watters aaron at reportlab.com
Tue Dec 3 19:26:03 CET 2002

Hi folks.

I reworked the stackless_experiments into something
more presentable that actually has a bit of documentation.


Also look at the following online demos that are included in the zip. -- interactive readme -- simple session example -- simple HTTP multiframe chat -- mondial database viewer

Two notes:  (1) the online demos "vector through" an apache server
and are much slower than a direct connection, and (2) previous versions
of the server framework would hang occasionally -- I hope I've fixed
the problem, but I'm not sure -- if it hangs, I apologize.  I'll try to keep

Thanks for the interest and sorry I didn't get back to this sooner.

   -- Aaron Watters

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