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>>Hi all,
>>Could a timeslice function in C leave variables in python-code in 
>>any way undefined?
>I don't think so.
>>I think statements in Python should probably be atomic (especially 
>>if one tasklet can get to variables in another)
>Scheduling occours between opcodes. This is safe, since Python
>also does its real thread switching between opcodes.
>There has not been changed much compared to the old Stackless.
>Switching just has become simpler, since I no longer have

I think you would want to have the option of making the atomicity at 
a courser granularity than an opcode. The old uthreads had atomic 
statements. So you can wrapper a set of statements as being atomic.

>to convince the interpreter in a tricky way to leave its
>frame and restart another one.
>I just call a function that switches the current C stack
>fragment. That resumes another interpreter incarnation
>which simply continues.
>Python doesn't notice what's happening, and I'm not going
>to tell it. :-)
>ciao - chris
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