Spnsors coming! (was: [Stackless] can it be done with setjmp/longjmp?)

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Wed Feb 27 01:49:05 CET 2002

Christian Tismer wrote:

> I have set up a PayPal account today, and already received
> $250 of sponsorship. This is absolutely great! If things
> continue this way, I can devote the majority of my time
> to Stackless, and build a real new Stackless world!

I already earned §300 this way, which is again some reaonable
amount of Stackless time (nearly one day, of course).

I would like to emphasize that Tim Peters was very generous.
Never suspected that I would get such contributions at any
time in future at all.

Friends - I love you all -- you make this all possible --- chris

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