[Stackless] can it be done with setjmp/longjmp?

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Wed Feb 27 12:44:52 CET 2002

Russ Cox wrote:

>>[proposal about using setjmp/longjmp and alloca as a 
>>``portable'' fall back for switching stacks]
> This seems like a terrible idea.  Using alloca to put an entire
> stack frame back doesn't even seem like it would work, and 
> if it did would depend on the underlying compiler and
> machine architecture.  At this point you might as well just
> write the ten lines of assembly to do the stack switching.

It does work, but it is in fact a hack.

My problem is that I want to grow and shrink the stack
inplace. Using setjmp/longjmp would force me to use
a second, temporary stack while I'm restoring the real
stack. Alloca can save this second stack.

> If you mean how portable is a setjmp/longjmp-based coroutines
> implementation (which seems like a more likely question), the answer
> is fairly portable.  I've written and run coroutine packages based
> on setjmp and longjmp on a number of systems.  As mentioned
> in the pth paper, sometimes setjmp and longjmp are buggered and
> don't allow use for coroutine-like applications, but writing your
> own isn't hard.  It's between five and twenty lines of assembly
> depending on the number of registers that need saving; you
> write it once and don't worry about it after that.

Well, I will stick with the 9 lines of assembly for now :-)

ciao - chris

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