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Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Thu Feb 21 14:55:19 CET 2002

Jason Orendorff wrote:

>> 1 -- there doesn't seem to be anyway to "kill" a tasklet
> If you do tasklet.remove() and then drop the tasklet, would that
> remove the last reference to it?  Then would it be GC'd?

I will just unlink the tasklet from its current frame.
It is then useless, and the frame will be dropped.

> Please pardon my ignorance.  I'm assuming that tasklets are
> Python objects, that there's no preemptive switching involved,
> and that Christian's machinery can dismantle a stack when a
> tasklet object gets DEL'd.  (My chances of being 3-for-3
> seem rather dismal.)

Answers left to right: True, False, Maybe.
There will be preemptive switching.
At the moment, I have no way to analyse what is in
a stacklet. Simply dropping it might keep references
to objects, especially when the stacklet contains
data from some extension.
For that reason, I keep track of all tasklets. The user
has access, but I want to kill them by an exception,
when the program or this thread closes down.

> (For the time being, I am not subscribed to Stackless-list
> because I can't find out how to subscribe!  So please kindly
> copy me on replies.  Thanks!)

Sorry, why don't you read the signatures of the
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