[Stackless] Request for Stackless Sponsorship

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Fri Feb 22 20:42:01 CET 2002

Dear Stackless Python Community,

As you might have noticed, Stackless has changed quite

- Continuations are gone.
- Platform independence is gone.
- Non-completeness is gone.
- Python-version-dependance is gone.
- Incomprehensibilits of code is gone.
- per-Python-Version maintenance is gone.

Stackless is now becoming a rock-solid implementation
of parallelism. It will boost many applications to a
performance that was not yet expected to be exposed
by an interpreted language.

Besides all these good news, there is a draw-back.
I have put many weeks of fulltime-hacking into
this project, and I cannot afford to continue.
But I want to continue, since it all looks so very
doable, so absolutely right to do. My heart is
beating for this project, again and more than ever.

Please, I need some corporate sponsorship to continue
my work. I assure you, it will work out. What I'm working
on will be the basis for many applications. I have been
through all the prototypes, they are no longer needed.
This will become production code from the first day.

This is an absolutely urgent request:
To keep this project carrying on, I need to make a living.
I am hereby seriously asking for companies which
would consider to support me by some amount of money.
Every sponsor will get his own page on stackless.com,
where they can show their use of stackless to any extent
if they like. I cannot continue unless I continue
full-time for a couple of weeks. I don't want to stop now,
since I'm at the very best solution ever, and it is infinite
fun for me. Too bad that fun doesn't feed.

Please HELP!
If you want Stackless to succeed right now with an
extent of years, please try to support my work
with some amount of corporate sponsorship. You will
get the best that I can offer: Stackless running on
your platform, with your individual modifications and
extensions, at incredible speed.

Thanks in advance - chris

p.s.: Sorry for abusing this list for this request.
I wouldn't do so if I wouldn't have to.

p.p.s.: Guido, forgive me.

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