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Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Jan 19 00:58:37 CET 2002

Sam Rushing wrote:

> Jeremy Hylton wrote:
>>>>>>>"CT" == Christian Tismer <tismer at tismer.com> writes:
>>  CT> Dear Stackless members, tue to technical reasons, I have moved
>>  CT> the Stackless mailing list to tismer.com .
>>And we're all eagerly awaiting the details of your new plans for
> I'll second that.  We've got quite a code base tied up with the current 
> stackless design.
> I'm sure that non-portable tricks (like setjmp/longjmp) would guarantee 
> that stackless will never get into the standard distribution.  But if 
> the changes are as small as you say, they might get pound-ifdef 
> status... and it wouldn't be a problem.

I made my patches in a way, that involves about 4 files and 25
lines of code in Python. So they *could* put it in the standard.
It is all conditional, and only if the platform/compiler is
listed in stackless.h, it expands, otherwise it vanishes.
You always get a valid python, either with or without the stackless

But as said, I don't care. There is no code to change, just
to maintain some little inserts.

I had a look at your coroutine package again, to see how
they modify the stack. I thought they copy something, but
it appears that only the stack pointer is changed. That's
not my target, it consumes too much memory, and it doesn't
help on the Palm.

It will not take long and you have it - ciao - chris

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