[Stackless] Re: Stackless Python is DEAD!

Donn Cave donn at drizzle.com
Sat Jan 19 05:43:11 CET 2002

Quoth Christian Tismer <tismer at tismer.com>:
| What do you mean by acceptable?
| The 95 percent of users who get their solution
| in time will for sure accept it. Who else is relevant?

I don't know if anyone is particularly relevant.  By acceptable,
I mean that when programmers decide whether to pursue designs
that depend on Stackless features, you're asking them to accept a
severe loss of portability.  Many of them may find that unimportant,
because as you say the majority platforms will be OK for now.  But
I can't believe it's going to be generally acceptable.  Maybe I just
don't want to believe it, because I think that attitude really sucks.
Whatever, we'll see.

	Donn Cave, donn at drizzle.com
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