[Stackless] Ann: Stackless Python is DEAD! Long live Stackless Python

Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Sat Jan 19 15:44:46 CET 2002

On 18 Jan 2002 at 16:33, Sam Rushing wrote:

> Let me see if I understand this correctly - you are in
> effect changing C's execution model to one that uses a
> linked list of heap-allocated frames?  With
> PyEval_EvalCodeEx() being the 'frame granularity'? 

I'm not sure I understand your restatement (nor am I 
entirely confident I understand Christian's). My 
simple-minded picture is that positions 0..K of the
stack (the part before we did anything weird) stay
the same. But Christian swaps in / out K+1..top (varying 
size) as needed.
> Seems like this could run into trouble with an optimizing
> compiler...

There may well be a conflict, but it's confined to one C 
call, (and one that probably defies most optimizations 
anyway). As Tim pointed out in an off-list email, there's
deep magic required on platforms that have specialized
HW stacks (he used ICON on SPARK as an example).

-- Gordon

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