[Stackless] First steps towards Stackless 2.2

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Jan 19 00:18:27 CET 2002

This is a small status report.
I have begun hacking at Python 2.2 last evening.

The patch set is going to be very small.

There are no changes to frame objects any longer.

The only truly expanded structure is PyThreadState.

Affected files so far:

patchlevel.h    includes stackless.h and modifies its version string
pystate.h       gets 3 lines which include additional fields.
pythonrun.c     gets 2 inserts for ini/fini of stacklessmodule
ceval.c         one insert for recursion capturing
                  one insert for uthread scheduling
                  includes stacklessmodule

It appears to me that this is all!
There is not a single change to the project/make files.
There are just 2 files added:
stackless.h  and stacklessmodule.c

I think these changes are so small, that Stackless no longer
requires its own source tree. Instead, I might write a little
script, which does the few patches alone.

Watch out, more to come soon

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