Stackless bug/typo

Jeff Senn senn at
Tue Jun 18 20:01:43 CEST 2002

So ... some of my problems were my own (deadlocks in my python

Yes: I'm using your _tkinter...  (at least I think so... it is win2k
     but maybe I should reboot just to make sure...)
No: Although I do have a bunch of extensions -- I don't think any
    of them muck with the interpreter

Christian Tismer <tismer at> writes:

> to be absolutely sure, you might also patch stacklesseval.h
> In order to do that, change line 634 of stacklesseval.h
> to be true, always. The slicing code will then never be reached.

So even when I do the above I have occasional crashes...  usually it
is somewhere near handling an exception... or in the final cleanup

Understand: I am doing something a little wierd with Tk -- I'm running
all of my uthreads in one real thread, and tk.mainloop() in another
real thread (using a Queue to communicate between).


P.S. Here are my current diffs:

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