[Stackless] OS/2 EMX port

Andrew MacIntyre andymac at bullseye.apana.org.au
Thu Jun 20 15:40:36 CEST 2002

I have finally got around to trying to build the current stackless on
OS/2, with the EMX environment.

The attached patch was needed to get the stackless module to build (I
built it in rather than as a dynload, for simplicity).  The #ifdef was
copied from the MSVC file.  This patch isn't necessary on FreeBSD, but
this may be due to the different build setups.  I'll test the patch on
FreeBSD to make sure its harmless there (but not tonight... err this

The stackless interpreter passes all the tests the standard interpreter
passes, with a bizarre failure in test_socket which I believe to be an EMX
"problem" - the test passes standalone, but not from the regrtest.py

Does anyone have a test for the stackless module?


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*** switch_x86_unix.h.orig	Fri Jun 21 00:28:42 2002
--- switch_x86_unix.h	Fri Jun 21 00:16:30 2002
*** 8,13 ****
--- 8,15 ----
   *      Ported from i386.
+ #ifdef SLP_EVAL
  static int
*** 24,26 ****
--- 26,31 ----
  	__asm__ volatile ("" : : : "ebx", "esi", "edi");
+ #endif

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