[Stackless] Asyncronous IO (Was: Re: question about stackless)

Sam M. Rushing srushing at ironport.com
Wed Jun 12 20:02:13 CEST 2002

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> From: Paul Sheer [mailto:psheer at icon.co.za]
> > This is why I first thought of kqueue: With kqueue, you
> > can also wait for file reads to become ready.
> > I have to learn more about the choices and find a good
> > abstraction.
> > Recommended material, which I'm working through now:
> > http://www.kegel.com/c10k.html
> > 
> c10k.html: this is just the web page i have been looking for :-)
> ok, but does this mean you are going to limit support to
> FreeBSD? I assume you are going to emulate a kqueue with
> select() for other systems?

The idea isn't to hard-code support for a particular event system,
but to have a feature set in the scheduler that can take advantage
of the features provided by the best of the current crop of event

It'd be nice if we had a system where someone could cleanly drop in
for (say) Win32's various API's (like completion ports) and not have to
re-architect the scheduler to take advantage of some extra feature or
performance tweak provided.

For example, the kqueue() interfaces have a nice way of returning
information along with a triggered event - e.g. if you're waiting on a
listening socket, a 'ready for read' event will tell you how many
are in the queue - this is something that select() and poll cannot do.


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