[Stackless] Stackless alpha for X86/Linux

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Mar 2 02:20:13 CET 2002

Hye-Shik Chang wrote:


> I'm a FreeBSD port maintainer of Stackless(lang/stackless_python).

Great to hear that.

> First of All, Thank you for your invaluable work. :)

I'm just the clueless implementor. But many thanks :-)

> I've compiled Stackless on FreeBSD 4. It worked perfectly.

Great! to hear that!
So I have made most of the world?

> 1 tests failed:
>     test_commands
> kornet(perky):~/lib/python2.2/test>$ 
> (that test_commands's failure occured on standard python, too. Not stackless's problem)

Thanks a lot for the great feedback.
New Stackless is now out of its childhood. The dirt work is done.
The assembly works with GCC. (This was a major problem, when I
tried to be elegant and use locals, return a value and such.
After realizing that the real cost is in the memcpy (and this
is fast if you have a recent CPU), the locals in tstate don't
count at all, but the smplicity of the assembly counts).

After a pause, I will now build the best stacklessmodule
that I can think of. It will support all user needs, but it
will stay simple.
I need a( |r)rest  -- ciao - chris

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