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Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sun Oct 6 21:35:19 CEST 2002

Robert Oschler wrote:
> I just read the "microthreading" doc on Stackless, but I still don't 
> feel I have a good understanding of what are, and how to really use the 
> features that make Stackless different from regular Python.  My personal 
> area of interest is using what I believe are called tasklets, 
> specifically in the context mentioned in the game EVE's Q&A regarding 
> game character AI.  Is there a good sample or doc that would get me 
> "kick-started"?  Again, sorry for the newbie-type questions.  Note: I 
> don't need any info on game AI development, just the use of Stackless 
> Python's features that make such development easier (micro tasks? 
> tasklets?).

Tasklets are now nearly what microthreads have been.
Microthreads have been built in Python, upon continuations,
while tasklets implement most of their features natively
in C.
Sorry, there is no kick-start doc at the moment,
but I'm feeling urged to write one, ASAP :-)

ciao - chris

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