[Stackless] mondial XML database viewer: latest demo

Hannu Krosing hannu at tm.ee
Mon Oct 28 12:22:35 CET 2002

Aaron Watters kirjutas L, 26.10.2002 kell 19:43:
> Here is another HTTP demo using stackless.
> It's a sort of proof of concept for a possible client.
> It preloads 1.3Meg of XML data from the "mondial"
> database and allows you to view it with an interface
> somewhat like the "windows explorer".  Each
> session has its own tasklet with very complex internal
> state.

Could you perhaps post some bare-bones code for basic infrastructure for
doing it ?

Things like session creation/timeout, https serving, etc.

I'd really like to do 

> import libtaskletserver 

and have most of it ready-made ;)


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