[Stackless] For interested - an interlacing compiler for C that allows continuations

Will Ware wware at alum.mit.edu
Sat Sep 7 19:02:58 CEST 2002

Paul Sheer wrote:
> I am busy creating a C compiler that takes normal
> C code and compiles into code that supports
> continuations.

I did something like this a while back:
and you're welcome to any of it that might be helpful.

At a glance, your approach looks a bit similar to mine.
You mention hoping that your work can become a PhD thesis.
I'm almost certain that my own effort would fall far short
of the requirements, because I threw it together in just
a few days, and I didn't do any research or scholarship or
examination of the prior art. Also remember that
continuations have been the object of vigorous academic
study for something like 20 years.

By all means, finish writing up your proposal and show
it to a few professors. But be prepared for an outcome
that may not be what you hope to hear. If they tell you
this isn't what they're looking for in a PhD project, it
might still be a good starting point.

Good luck
Will Ware
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