[Stackless] For interested - an interlacing compiler for C that allows continuations

Sam Rushing srushing at ironport.com
Sat Sep 7 20:14:40 CEST 2002

On Sat, 2002-09-07 at 03:59, Paul Sheer wrote:
> I am busy creating a C compiler that takes normal
> C code and compiles into code that supports
> continuations.
> The output code is strict ANSI C and does not contain
> machine dependent instructions.
> Below is a proposal submitted for another purpose
> (it is quite formal).
> I thought the stackless list may be interested.
> I am quite a way into the compiler now. I have
> only to do "switch" statements "for" loops and
> "do..while" loops. "if" and "while" statements
> are done. the rest of the C language is also done.

[Echoing Will here..]
Regardless of the project's suitability as research/phd material, it
definitely has potential.  There are a lot of folks who could benefit
from this kind of thing - especially in situations (say, "most") where
you're trying to pitch an advanced concept that unfortunately requires
using an advanced language.  ("ANSI C" == "green light").  Even the
company I'm working at right now would probably consider using it.

Just a quick list of references on continuations:

appel - "compiling with continuations"  [appel has some newer books on
compilers, can't remember if they talk about continuations at all]

http://www.cs.indiana.edu/eip/eopl.html - "essentials of programming

The 'Chicken' compiler for Scheme:


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