[Stackless] tasklet vs. taskoutlet function

Håvard Engum Havard.Engum at idi.ntnu.no
Tue Sep 17 11:53:35 CEST 2002


I am quite new to Stackless Python, and I am having some problems using
the newest version of it.

Earlier, you could make new tasklets from the taskoutlet function like
this(simpleAgent is here a plain function):

>>> agentFactory = stackless.taskoutlet(simpleAgent)
>>> agents = [agentFactory(i) for i in range(numAgents)]

And then you would have a list of references to tasklets in the
list agents. You could then insert the tasklets into the scheduler and
then switch between them.

I grabbed the newest version of Stackless from the CVS-repository. There I
didn't find any taskoutlet function, but just a tasklet-function that
doesn't behave the way the old taskoutlet function did.

My question is how to make a queue of tasklets with the new version of
Stackless Python, and then switch between these.

Do there exist any quite updated documentation on Stackless Python? I have
searched the net, but I haven't found much.

Håvard Engum <havard.engum at idi.ntnu.no>

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