[Stackless] Problems on OS X

Sébastien Pierre seb at type-z.org
Sat Sep 28 11:20:57 CEST 2002

Le samedi, 28 sep 2002, à 01:16 Europe/Paris, Christian Tismer a écrit :

> Sébastien Pierre wrote:
>> Le vendredi, 27 sep 2002, à 21:00 Europe/Paris, Jonathan Hogg a écrit 
>> :
>>> I have two problems at the moment building and running Stackless on 
>>> OS X
>>> (10.2.1 "Jaguar").
>> Hi Jonathan,
>> I actually tried to make a Fink port for stackless, and ran into the 
>> same error. I then applied patches from the Fink Python 2.2 port for 
>> Jaguar to a Stackless CVS snapshot.
> What do you mean by the same error?
(the missing _socket module)

> And what is Fink, please? :-)

It is a package/port system which is a mix between Debian packages and 
BSD ports- it allows to quickly install unix software on OSX. My aim is 
to provide a package for stackless, so that more people can use it 
without having trouble compiling and patching it.

>> After applying the patches I get the following errors:
> ...
>> ranlib: file: libpython2.2.a(stacklesseval.o) defines symbol: 
>> _schedule_fasthook
>> ranlib: file: libpython2.2.a(ceval.o) defines symbol: 
>> _slp_schedule_hook
>> ranlib: file: libpython2.2.a(stacklesseval.o) defines symbol: 
>> _slp_schedule_hook
>> ranlib: file: libpython2.2.a(pythonrun.o) defines symbol: 
>> _slp_schedule_hook
> ...
> I tried to get rid of these by declaring these variables
> DL_EXPORT(), but I don't know if it helps.
> Please give it a try (changes are in CVS).

Ok, I will try it - thanks :)

> I'd of course be interested. On the other hand, why are these
> patches not in the standard distro? This is probably not a
> Stackless related problem?

I attached the patch file. It seems like MacOS 10.2 has a few changes 
in the underlying Unix (aka. Darwin, a FreeBSD-like), which made some 
modules not work anymore. It will be probably fixed in a future Python 
realease (I hope ;)

   -- Sébastien
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