[Stackless] norm's notes: more experiments

Aaron Watters aaron at reportlab.com
Sat Sep 14 17:39:56 CEST 2002

Hi Chris and folks.

I made a "collaborative document creation tool" using stackless, http, 
and sql (gadfly).

The interesting thing from the perspective of this list is that
    -- multiple http connections in one process
    -- each "http session" (sequence of connections by same browser) is
      handled by it's own tasklet.
    -- persistant database connection.

If you want to try it's under ../normsNotes in

below I paste the readme.  -- Aaron Watters



NORM'S NOTES is an experimental http/sql based document creation
 tool using stackless python.

Written by Aaron Watters September 2002 using the current
version of stackless python by Chris Tismer.

Installation Instructions.

You must have stackless python installed.

You must have gadfly installed (for stackless python).

If the stackless_experiments directory is the current directory
then make sure there is a directory


In a "shell window" change directory the ./normsNotes directory.

Initialize the database using:

  > python databaseoperations.py

The initialized database will contain a single "user" "aaron"
with password "goober".

Start the HTTP server using

  > stackless_python httpinterface.py

(which by default will launch on port 8000) OR

  > stackless_python httpinterface.py 4444

to launch the HTTP server using port 4444

Then direct your web browser to http://localhost:8000/norm.cgi
and when prompted for a password using
   username = aaron
   password = goober
(if the browser is running on another machine than the http server
then replace "localhost" with the appropriate server address).

After that you can change the password, add users, add sections,
add comments, change sections, etcetera from the browser. 
I hope the browser interface
is self explanatory.

  Good luck!  -- Aaron Watters

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