[Stackless] stackless python 2.3?

Geoff Howland ghowland at alitius.com
Sun Dec 7 11:42:39 CET 2003

> Yes, the web page is out of date.
> I'm beginning to update it in an hour.
> I am working on 2.3 and other issues at the same time.
> It is a financial problem. I need to afford some other three
> fulltime weeks to get this done.
> Hopefully I will get funded a little bit, then I could
> make it until early january.

Sounds good, I should be able to get some testing done with it between now
and then, current project already has a bunch of 2.3 dependencies so I
figured I'd make sure it was still on the plan.  :)

Here's to hoping you get funded soon and for a while!


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