[Stackless] Tasklet/Channels Examples

Rodrigo Dias Arruda Senra rodsenra at gpr.com.br
Fri Feb 7 13:05:56 CET 2003

On Thu, 06 Feb 2003 21:19:23 +0100
Christian Tismer <tismer at tismer.com> wrote:

> Also I'd like to ask you to keep these versions apart.
> Therefore, you can forget completely about all messages
> mentioning continuations,...

 I see. Perhaps adding the output of  >>> help("stackless")
 to the web page would help to steer people away from old

 It could woe a wider Python audience, that is unaware of
 this resource or even docstrings. Even though this is
 not likely to happen, it is a big planet.

 But I can think of other reasons to persuade you to
 do it. ;o) Here in Brazil slow  dial-up connections
 are still :( widely used. So, you know, it is very 
 cost-effective to take a html peek at something 
 before downloading it.

 best regards,
 Rod Senra

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