[Stackless] Tasklet/Channels Examples

Rodrigo Senra rodsenra at gpr.com.br
Wed Feb 5 16:58:52 CET 2003

 On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:57:12 -0800 (PST)
 Eric Merritt <cyberlync at yahoo.com> wrote
 about [Stackless] Tasklet/Channels Examples:
 | Hello All,
 |   Are there any good examples of tasklet/channel
 | usage? I found a very short example in archives of the
 | list and there are plenty of examples of stackless
 | continuations out there but that doesn't seem to been
 | the current methods of doing things. 

 To Eric --------------:

 I had the same doubt. If you haven't downloaded cvs yet,
 you may find some comfort in src/Stackless/test.

 To Christian Tismer and other Stackless heroes ------:
 First of all, thank you all for your struggle and major
 changes since the last time I took a peek at stackless 
 and this list (2000-November).
 To catch up, I've downloaded the mailing list archive (mbox)
 and started reading the 600 msgs (maybe the 14th herculean task).

 Yes, there is a huge news list at stackless homepage,
 and it makes perfect sense to  people who follows the mailingist,
 but it is a bit raw to newcomers (*me*) or the occasional curious.
 I read it, and yet I was a bit confused, so I move forward into
 attacking the mbox file.
 My goal was to answer some questions:

 1) When and why continuations went out of picture ?
    (I've already got the answer for that. It took
     me some hours to follows months of discussion.
     For me, it was like watching  a  developer's 
     soup opera, yet highly educative.)

 2) How the current tasklets work and relate to former
    uthreads/micro-threads, generators/co-routines built
    up from continuations (things like those in  Gordon's
    (Not quite sure if I can answer that, but maybe because
     there are still 360 messages to read).

 3) Why uthread link (in Fact Sheet section) leads to
    a version incompatible  with  current CVS release. 
    ( Naturally, because of its *dependency* on the
      now-gone-continuation module.  Shouldn't this link
      be closer to Old Downloads instead ? )

 Please do not take this observations as critcism. I do know the
 amout of works it took to get here. And I also know improving
 documentation is in the plans.

 Nevertheless, I  have a few humble and low-cost suggestions:

 - How about adding the content of  src/Stackless/test/tasktest.py
   to www.stackless.com ? 
   In a section called :  "This is how its done at the moment". ;o)
 - Perhaps also add the contents (or just part of it)
   of src/Stackless/readme.txt   

 - Maybe add two paragraphs answering question 2)

 - Do something about 3). 

 - Being a little bold: "How about starting a Stackless FAQ" ?

 Those certainly would have helped me. I volunteer to get my
 hands dirty (restricted to my limited knowledge) if somebody
 tell me in what can I help.

 best regards
 Rod Senra  

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